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Verifysoft Company Presentations

Offenburg city run 2023 / badenova run day Offenburg by Verifysoft and HEICON
Offenburg city run 2023 / badenova run day Offenburg by Verifysoft and HEICON
01:49     May 2023
Just for Run ...
The teams from Verifysoft Technology and our friends from HEICON Global Engineering from Schwendi near Ulm and Memmingen took part in the Offenburg city run / badenova running day on May 7 with a lot of verve and a lot of fun.
The 3 x 1 km relay led from the historic town hall through the city center of Offenburg.
Here our run in the video.
Verifysoft at Embedded World 2023
Embedded World Nuremberg: Highlights at Verifysoft
02:31     March 2023
Verifysoft was with 10 people at the Embedded World in Nuremberg and showed first-class tools for increasing and securing software quality for embedded software. We would like to thank the numerous visitors for the interesting discussions.
You can get an overview of the trade fair happenings and the highlights at our booth in our Trade fair video and on our trade fair review.

Verifysoft: for Your Software's Quality (Imagevideo)
Verifysoft: for Your Software's Quality (Imagevideo)
02:18     April 2021
Verifysoft provides best Software Testing Solutions since 2003.
Our tools enhance the software quality of 700+ customers in 40+ countries all over the world.
The motivated Verifysoft team is here to support you with tools, seminars and advice.
Don't leave your software open to failure.
Be on the save and secure side! Contact us now: www.verifysoft.com

Verifysoft Technology - Der Imagefilm
Verifysoft Technology - The Company Video
07:03     December 2019
Software has become an integral part of our lives today. How important is the quality of software when you fly on an aircraft or when you drive your car? Faulty software can have fatal consequences. Verifysoft Technology has provided first class testing and analysis tools to software development teams. In short, we sell safety and security.
What does Verifysoft offer to over 600 customers in 40 countries?
Why is the customers’ satisfaction more important than making a fast buck?
Why is a positive working atmosphere important to us?
The Verifysoft image film provides answers.
Require Progress. Verifysoft Technology.
Require Progress. Verifysoft Technology.
01:43     June 2021
Inevitable Changes Require Progress.
To Thrive We Must Verify.
Verifysoft Technology - Leading Software Testing Tools - since 2003 - worldwide.
Testwell CTC++ and Imagix 4D at Embedded World 2019
Testwell CTC++ and Imagix 4D at Embedded World 2019
03:11     April 2019
Until now Testwell CTC++ is mainly used for software safety. But this leading code coverage analyser can also be deployed for security. In this area the tool is being used for Penetration-Tests in order to prove that code is not being executed through hacker attacks. Imagix 4D is a tool to easily understand unknown C, C++ and Java code by visualisation. It simplifies the evaluation of code quality through diverse static assessments and the application of metrics. Imagix 4D supports you through partly automated tests and the creation of reports of code reviews. It visualises and documents differences between various software versions.
Verifysoft at Embedded World 2019
Verifysoft at Embedded World 2019
04:46     April 2019
Verifysoft Technology participated in the Embedded World 2019, for the 15th time in its 16 years of company history. Until now our testing and analysis tools are mainly used for software safety. Because of the challenges of the Internet of Things and connected objects, now also software security matters.
Verifysoft Company Introduction Software Quality has no borders
Verifysoft Company Introduction "Software Quality has no borders
02:24     November 2018
In this short video we describe the the history and the offering of Verifysoft Technology. Software Quality has no borders: Today more than 500 customers in almost 40 countries rely on our tools to ensure software safety and security.
Klaus Lambertz, Interview August 2017
The customers’ satisfaction is more important than making a fast buck for our quarterly result
21:01     August 2017
Klaus Lambertz, founder and CEO of Verifysoft Technology, talks about the contribution of Verifysoft to enhancing software security, as well as the development and strategy of the company. Incorrect software can cost human lives and Verifysoft helps to save them. Bugs in software could affect reputation and competitiveness in the market and in extreme cases result in company insolvency. In spring 2016 we exceeded the 500 customers´ mark. Actually we´ve got an exponential growth, we anticipate at least 100 new customers in the next year. Indeed, we have also got tested software on Mars, not only on earth!
Watch the entire interview of August 2017 with the following chapters:
(1) Who is Verifysoft and what is Verifysoft's offering? (04:15)
(2) How important is the Quality of Software? (02:16)
(3) Who needs Verifysoft's Testing Tools? (03:06)
(4) Who are the Customers of Verifysoft? (02:34)
(5) What is the Strategy of Verifysoft? (03:10)
(6) How is the Evolution of Verifysoft's Business? (04:44)
(7) What is the "Spirit of the Verifysoft Team"? (03:02)
Verifysoft Products in 3 Minutes
Verifysoft's Testing Technologies in 3 Minutes
02:49     March 2017
Learn in this video how you can increase your productivity and the quality of your software with Verifysoft's testing tools. We provide Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and Code Coverage. Our tools are qualified for usage in safety and security critical projects according to the standards DO178-C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, IEC 62304 and ISO 26262.
Verifysoft at Embedded World 2022
Verifysoft at Embedded World Germany 2022
04:15     June 2022
We were pleased to have met numerous customers and interested people at our booth at Embedded World trade show which took place from June 21 to 23, 2022 in Nuremberg/Germany.
Here is an overview of the tools and training offered ...
Ortenauer Laufnacht Sand
Ortenauer Laufnacht Sand 2022 - Verifysoft - Just for Run
02:40    September 2022
Verifysoft runs for success. With the motto "Just for Run" we were represented with two teams at the Ortenau Running Night in Willstätt-Sand (Germany) at the beginning of September. Even if it wasn't enough for the podium this time: We had a lot of fun!
We are always on the medal positions with our software testing tools - so that our customers' software development runs smoothly.

Au Boulot à vélo
Au Boulot à vélo 2022 - At work with the bicycle - Verifysoft
00:41    June 2022
The challenge "Au Boulot à Vélo" was already launched in 2009 by the bicycle club CADR67 and the Eurometropole Strasbourg. The aim is to encourage the use of bicycles on the way to and from work - and of course to have fun together.
Since the Challenge 2022 became a cross-border event, Verifysoft has been involved.

Droidcon Amsterdam 2011 Video
Droidcon 2011 Amsterdam co-sponsored by Verifysoft Technology
01:21     March 2012
Video footage from droidonNL 2011, largest android developer gathering.

More Company Presentations

Software Testing (in general)

White-Box Testing in safety-related Projects

White-Box Testing in safety-related Projects
1:05:15     January 2022     English
In order to deliver reliable software, it shall be properly tested. In safety-related projects the scope of testing and the kind of tools to be implemented to perform the testing is defined by safety standards like ISO 26262, DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, 62304, IEC 60880. Software validation- and certification experts from HEICON will show the attendees what factors are important to successfully perform white-box testing in safety-related projects.

Combining Static and Dynamic Analysis

Combining Static and Dynamic Analysis
18:04     July 2018     English
Dr. Sabine Poehler and Royd Lüdtke (Verifysoft Technology) explain in this presentation how the combination of static and dynamic code analysis helps to develop safe and secure software. The presentation, held 2018 at Aero Testing Expo/Avionics Expo in Munich (Germany), was done in the context of the aeronautics standard DO-178C, but can of course be applied to any other industry.

Why measuring Code Coverage can safe life and a ton of Money

Why measuring Code Coverage can safe life and a ton of Money
16:14     August 2018     English
Uncovered code can hide ticking time bombs. This video taken from a joined webpresentation of Verifysoft and QATestLab (Kiev) describes the benefits of code coverage. The example shows how the MP3 player Zune bug could have been avoided. Although all requirements had been tested and Statement Coverage had been achieved, an error came up in a crucial part of the software. Sebastian Götzinger shows that releasing uncovered code by acccident is avoidable.

Want to test Software

Software-Tests and Analysis with CodeSonar, Testwell CTC++, Imagix 4D
1:43     September 2021     English
I want to test my software - what do I do?
Standards and requirements to fulfill.
When do I start testing? The later an error is discovered, the more expensive it will be: Static Analysis with GrammaTech CodeSonar can help. Then Dynamic Analysis (Unit Tests) together with Code Coverage (Testwell CTC++) need to be done.
Legacy code / unknown code need to be understood: Imagix 4D helps.

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser

Code Coverage Analyser Testwell CTC++: Produktvideo

THE TESTWELL CTC++ VIDEO: How important is correct software code?
08:06     December 2016     English
Testwell CTC++ is the leading tool for analysing code coverage on host and on all (even smallest) embedded targets. The tool is widely used for safety critical development, i.e. DO-178C, ISO 26262, IEC 60880, IEC 61508, and EN 50128.
Hundreds of companies and institutions in more then 30 countries all over the world use Testwell CTC++. Experience in this video why Testwell CTC++ is your first choice for measuring code coverage.

14 Main Advantages of Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser

14 Main Advantages of Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser
06:04     May 2020     English
Testwell CTC++ is the leading Code Coverage Analyser for embedded software.
Learn more of the advantages of Testwell CTC++. ...

Code Coverage Made Easy

Code Coverage Made Easy with Testwell CTC++
23:43     October 2021     English
This video gives you an introduction about how to make Code Coverage easy with the leading test coverage analyser Testwell CTC++:
0:00 Verifysoft: Introduction
2:05 What is code coverage and why measure it? (including code coverage levels)
9:44 Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser (main advantages)
21:30 Complementary tools (short overview).

Code Coverage for Safety Critical Applications

Code Coverage for Safety Critical Applications
08:57     July 2018     English
Safety Standards like DO-178C in Aerospace Industry require Code Coverage for safety critical applications. In this video from Aviation Electronics Europe in Munich, we show how this requirement can be met easily with Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser.

ISO 26262 and Code Coverage

ISO 26262 and Code Coverage
14:45     October 2018
ISO 26262 is an international standard for functional safety of road vehicles. In order to evaluate the completeness of test cases, ISO 26262 requires the measurement of structural coverage. Depending on the Automotive Safety Integrity Level statement coverage, branch coverage and/or MC/DC (Modified Condition/Decision Coverage) is required.

Kees Valkhof, LELY, Netherlands

Testwell CTC++ User Testimonial: "Our reputation is built on products which work properly"
04:17     September 2016     English
Excellent product quality including high quality software is essential for Lely. Lely’s configuration manager Kees Valkhof has given us an insight into the software testing demands of this supplier for agricultural solutions and why they are using Testwell CTC++ for measuring code coverage.

Testwell CMT++ / CMTJava Code Complexity Measurement Tools

Testwell CMT++/CMTJava Presentation
Testwell CMT++/CMTJava Code Complexity Measurement Tools
06:32     September 2014
Code complexity correlates with the defect rate and robustness of an application. Testwell CMT++ and CMTJava help you to write code with good complexity: easier and faster to test, to understand, and to maintain. Watch our video and see how to analyze your code for LOC metrics, McCabe Cyclomatic number, Halstead Metrics and Maintainability Index.

GrammaTech CodeSonar

Narrow-Solution Static Analysis Tools vs. CodeSonar
Narrow-Solution Static Analysis Tools vs. GrammaTech CodeSonar
4:59     July 2019
Static Code Analysis Tools range widely in scope. Narrower tools, including commercial tools, and open source tools like CPP Check , can be used to find bugs in code, but they become apples to oranges when compared to advanced tools like GrammaTech CodeSonar. CodeSonar is more than just a tool for developers. It is also a solution for managers and security auditors.
GrammaTech CodeSonar?
GrammaTech CodeSonar
01:28     December 2016
CodeSonar® is a sophisticated static analysis tool for source code and binary code, that detects bugs and security vulnerabilities that other static analysis tools miss.
How Does CodeSonar Find More Bugs?
How Does CodeSonar Find More Bugs?
Paul Anderson, GrammaTech´s VP of Engineering, describes in this video how CodeSonar uses advanced static analysis techniques to pinpoint the hardest-to-find defects and security vulnerabilities.
GrammaTech CodeSonar Quick Demo
GrammaTech CodeSonar Quick Demo
04:01     August 2012
Demo of the static code analysis tool Grammatech CodeSonar®.
GrammaTech CodeSonar vs. PC-Lint
GrammaTech CodeSonar vs. PC-Lint and Cppcheck
04:38     April 2017
Advanced Static Analysis with GrammaTech CodeSonar compared to tools like PC-Lint® and Cppcheck.
GrammaTech CodeSonar?
Integration Between GrammaTech CodeSonar and Wind River Workbench
11:15     May 2017
With this integration, software developers can annotate and resolve the software vulnerabilities that CodeSonar highlights without leaving the Wind River Workbench development environment, thereby significantly boosting productivity. Supporting the native Wind River VxWorks® real-time operating system as well as the POSIX API, CodeSonar provides advanced, whole program static analysis of application software and device drivers running in either kernel or user mode. For developers of complex Internet of Things (IoT) devices, CodeSonar delivers a must-have capability as it finds security and quality problems as well as problems specific to multi-core development such as deadlocks, livelocks, resource starvation, and race conditions. CodeSonar identifies bugs that can result in system crashes, unexpected behavior, and security breaches, reducing the risk of shipping costly, brand-damaging defects. It finds these bugs during the development phase, before software is tested, thereby saving cost and time.
Mark Hermeling
Do We Really Even Need Static Analysis Anymore?
03:28     March 2020
As Mark Hermeling, Director of Product Marketing for GrammaTech explains, dynamic analysis code testing tools may identify errors like NULL pointer dereferences or buffer overflows days or weeks after the original author has finished writing the code. But with static analysis, you're able to find those code quality issues earlier in the development cycle, eliminating a lot of potential cost, headaches, and wasted time later on. ...

Imagix 4D

Imagix 4D: Software Developer Anna has got a Problem
Imagix 4D: Software Developer Anna has got a Problem
03:08    October 2019
The software developer Anna is responsible for an old software project no one knows any more about. The software documentation gives little information that does not help at all... The whole thing is like a nightmare that seems solvable only with massive time and money wasting. Then Anna comes across the tool Imagix 4D, which determines the actual state of software based on the source code. Through the generated graphs, documentation and reports, Anna quickly identifies the causes of the errors and can fix them more easily than expected. Anna immediately informs her customers, who are more than relieved...
Refactoring using Imagix4D
Webinar: Refactoring using Imagix4D
18:22     May 2019
In order to protect investments continuous refactoring is essential to increase lifetime of software applications. Sometimes it pays off to perform refactoring of legacy code. In that case the program has potential to be reused in the latest projects. Thereby the code is revised towards an improved maintainability and extensibility while keeping its functionality.
Imagix 4D is the ideal tool to assist you in performing the refactoring process. A comprehensive and well-arranged visualization of the existing architecture facilitates achieving a fast understanding of component interaction. Modifications can be performed smoothly.
Find out, how Imagix 4D can help to support with refactoring.
Tools to Perform a Security Review on Unknown Code
Tools to Perform a Security Review on Unknown Code
41:50     August 2020
Performing a deep security review on third party code is hard. You typically receive a bunch of source code, no design documents, very little comments in the source code. Still, you have to do an assessment of the code and provide a risk score.
Where do you get started?
Imagix 4D Features and GUI
Imagix 4D Features and GUI
07:16    May 2019
Imagix 4D is a tool to explore, understand and rate software in C, C++ und Java. Imagix 4D comes with a central tool for semi automated reviews. In this video we explain the features and the GUI of Imagix 4D.
Live Demo (partial) of Imagix4D for Reverse Engineering and Refactoring
Live Demo (partial) of Imagix4D for Reverse Engineering and Refactoring
06:11    May 2019
Imagix 4D is a tool for reverse engineering and refactoring C, C++, and Java code. This live demo shows you some of the most important features of Imagix 4D.
Imagix 4D: The
Imagix 4D: The "Swiss Army Knife" for Software
07:35     July 2018
Imagix 4D, the "Swiss Army Knife" for software, is a tool to understand, document and improve complex, third party or legacy source code in C, C++ and Java. Imagix 4D automates the analysis of control flow and dependencies. It detects problems in data usage and task interactions. With Imagix 4D you increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce risk. Watch here our presentation from Avionics Electronics Munich.
Imagix4D helps to understand unknown/legacy code
Imagix4D helps to understand unknown/legacy code
00:28     September 2021
Legacy Code, complex computer programms?
Imagix 4D helps you to understand your code.
Imagix 4D is the "Swiss army knife" among the software tools: a tool for all cases.