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Imagix 4D: Introduction

Imagix 4D: Solution to Problems
Imagix 4D: Solution to Problems
03:40    September 2021
In average more than 50% of the time in software development is spent for maintenance. There are problems in understanding software, in modifying software, in documenting software, ... Is there a solution? Yes! Imagix 4D visualizes software and speeds understanding. Metrics and software checks improve quality - the doc engine automates document generation. Learn more about Imagix 4D in this video!
Imagix 4D: Software Developer Anna has got a Problem
Imagix 4D: Software Developer Anna has got a Problem
03:08    October 2019
The software developer Anna is responsible for an old software project no one knows any more about. The software documentation gives little information that does not help at all... The whole thing is like a nightmare that seems solvable only with massive time and money wasting. Then Anna comes across the tool Imagix 4D, which determines the actual state of software based on the source code. Through the generated graphs, documentation and reports, Anna quickly identifies the causes of the errors and can fix them more easily than expected. Anna immediately informs her customers, who are more than relieved...
Refactoring using Imagix4D
Webinar: Refactoring using Imagix4D
18:22     May 2019
In order to protect investments continuous refactoring is essential to increase lifetime of software applications. Sometimes it pays off to perform refactoring of legacy code. In that case the program has potential to be reused in the latest projects. Thereby the code is revised towards an improved maintainability and extensibility while keeping its functionality.
Imagix 4D is the ideal tool to assist you in performing the refactoring process. A comprehensive and well-arranged visualization of the existing architecture facilitates achieving a fast understanding of component interaction. Modifications can be performed smoothly.
Find out, how Imagix 4D can help to support with refactoring.
Tools to Perform a Security Review on Unknown Code
Tools to Perform a Security Review on Unknown Code
41:50     August 2020
Performing a deep security review on third party code is hard. You typically receive a bunch of source code, no design documents, very little comments in the source code. Still, you have to do an assessment of the code and provide a risk score.
Where do you get started?
Imagix 4D Features and GUI
Imagix 4D Features and GUI
07:16    May 2019
Imagix 4D is a tool to explore, understand and rate software in C, C++ und Java. Imagix 4D comes with a central tool for semi automated reviews. In this video we explain the features and the GUI of Imagix 4D.
Live Demo (partial) of Imagix4D for Reverse Engineering and Refactoring
Live Demo (partial) of Imagix4D for Reverse Engineering and Refactoring
06:11    May 2019
Imagix 4D is a tool for reverse engineering and refactoring C, C++, and Java code. This live demo shows you some of the most important features of Imagix 4D.
Imagix 4D: The
Imagix 4D: The "Swiss Army Knife" for Software
07:35     July 2018
Imagix 4D, the "Swiss Army Knife" for software, is a tool to understand, document and improve complex, third party or legacy source code in C, C++ and Java. Imagix 4D automates the analysis of control flow and dependencies. It detects problems in data usage and task interactions. With Imagix 4D you increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce risk. Watch here our presentation from Avionics Electronics Munich.
Imagix4D helps to understand unknown/legacy code
Imagix4D helps to understand unknown/legacy code
00:28     September 2021
Legacy Code, complex computer programms?
Imagix 4D helps you to understand your code.
Imagix 4D is the "Swiss army knife" among the software tools: a tool for all cases.
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