Verifysoft Offenburg Team September 2023

Safety and security, best technologies and satisfied customers all over the world.
This is the reason for our daily work. For your software´s quality.

Our team in Offenburg/Germany (Photo Sept. 2023), as well as our resellers in the US, Italy, Israel, India, Korea, Japan, Turkey and China.

  • Klaus Lambertz

    Klaus Lambertz

    Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director, Co-founder and shareholder

  • Patricia Gallien

    Patricia Gallien

    Coordinator, Co-founder and shareholder

  • Jan-David Baltzer

    Jan-David Baltzer

    Development Testwell-Tools

  • Carina Drengwitz / Melissa Armbruster

    Carina Drengwitz
    Melissa Armbruster

    Sales and Marketing

  • Julia Drengwitz

    Julia Drengwitz

    Sales Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Sebastian Götzinger

    Sebastian Götzinger

    Support Testwell-Tools

  • Polina Handzhiyska

    Polina Handzhiyska

    Director International Sales

  • Royd Lüdtke

    Royd Lüdtke

    Director Static Code Analysis Tools

  • Roland Person

    Roland Person

    Consultant Testwell-Tools

  • Dr. Sabine Poehler

    Dr. Sabine Poehler

    Product Manager Testwell-Tools

  • Maria Popova

    Maria Popova

    International Sales

  • Udo Reuther

    Udo Reuther

    Development Testwell-Tools

  • Dirk Sanny

    Dirk Sanny

    Sales Director Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Jessica Schönherr

    Jessica Schönherr

    Sales and Marketing

  • Melanie Stulz

    Melanie Stulz

    International Sales

  • Michael Winterer

    Michael Winterer

    Development Testwell-Tools