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NASA Spinoff 2011

Tools Ensure Reliability of Critical Software
In November 2006, after attempting to make a routine maneuver, NASA´s Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) reported unexpected errors. The onboard software switched to backup resources, and a 2-day lapse in communication took place between the spacecraft and Earth. ...
After successfully adapting CodeSonar to check for the NASAderived rules, GrammaTech transitioned the changes into its commercial version of the product in 2008. ...
[PDF]  NASA Spinoff 2011


'Dr. Dobb´s March 2008

Detecting Bugs in Safety-Critical Code - Advanced Static Analysis
When software is used for safety-criticalapplications, bugs aren´t just expensive annoyances - they can kill. Faced with such dire consequences, developers of safety-critical systems go to great lengths to prevent bugs from making it into the field. These measures are undeniably effective at reducing risk. Although there have been some famous catastrophic failures over the years, if medical devices or flight-control systems failed as often as most software fails, the headlines would be much grimmer. ...
[PDF]  Dr. Dobb´s Journal March 2008


'Embedded Technology March 2008

Static vs. Dynamic Detection of Bugs in Safety-Critical Code
In the never-ending quest to produce high-quality software, traditional dynamic testing plays a fundamental role. The weakness of dynamic testing is that it is only as good as the test cases. To be effective, a great deal of effort must go into writing or generating good test cases, and doing so can be very expensive.
Recently, a new breed of static analysis tools has emerged that can find flaws without writing any test cases. ...
[PDF]  Embedded Technology® March 2008





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