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Software Diagnostics, a spin-off company of the Hasso Plattner Institute for IT Systems Engineering, offers tools for debugging, monitoring, and visualization of complex software systems and their development processes.
The tools derivate software architecture information directly from implementations and obtain precise system dynamics information. The information is visualized based on virtual software landscapes and software maps.

Software Diagnostics products accelerate development processes, reduce debugging efforts, increase software quality, create transparency in software maintenance, and lessen IT development risks. In addition, the portfolio includes customer-specific training and consultancy.

Key Benefits of Software Diagnostics Products

  • Significantly reducing debugging efforts
  • Revealing current structure and dynamics of software systems
  • Significantly decreasing time to market for new software systems
  • Simplifying understanding of software systems
  • Boosting efficiency of new team members
  • Reducing cost and complexity throughout the lifecycle

Application Area

Quality Assurance
  • Documenting and revealing software architectures
  • Identifying architectural problems where the as-is-architecture hurts architectural guidelines
  • Identifying error-prone system components
  • Identifying components that slow down development
Programming and Debugging
  • Semiautomatic bug identification through dynamic code analysis
  • Advanced tracing techniques for fast understanding runtime behavior
Project Management
  • Identifying source code parts that are currently under development or have been changed in the past
  • Monitoring development activities of large teams and for distributed developments
  • Mining hidden correlations between modules, changes, and individual developers
  • Finding as-is test coverage across moduls
  • Monitoring and evaluating testing activities
Memory Leak Detection and Performance Analysis
  • Programmatic memory leak detection in Visual Studio
  • Comparison of snapshots, that were produced before and after the execution of a program sequence to reveal places in the code that allocate repository but do not de-allocate them


Software Diagnostics Studio
Software Diagnostics Developer Edition & Developer Edition Enterprise
Software Diagnostics Studio Refactoring
Analysis of Code Refactoring


SD Developer Edition Data Probes
Analysis of the behavior of critical variables with "Data Probes"


Software Diagnostics 28 days view
Modified code files during the last release in the context of the complete code hierarchy. Height depicts the amount of code line changes. The color encodes the number of developers participating.


SD Developer Edition Trace Daten
Search within the trace data



Software Diagnostics Studio
A business intelligence tool for software systems for any Configuration Management System. Analyze the quality and the development of your code with software maps.

Software Diagnostics Developer Edition & Developer Edition Enterprise
Ideal combination of a recorder, profiler and debugger for C and C++ for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.
Trace the execution of your code. Apply reverse debugging, analyze control flow back and forth in time. Identify bugs with a single run of your application.


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