Software Diagnostics TraceXplorer ABAP


Software Diagnostics TraceXplorer ABAP

Software Diagnostics TraceXplorer

The Challange

Slow IT support for business processes typically costs time, money, and reputation. In particular, tracing performance bottlenecks in SAP applications poses problems for architects and developers. In addition, the tools of the ABAP Workbench are limited due to the huge volume of data generated by performance run-time analysis.


The Solution: Thousands of Pieces of Trace Data can be efficiently and effectively analyzed

The Software Diagnostics TraceXplorer ABAP complements the run-time analysis of the ABAP Workbench through a graphic visualization of the run-time analysis data (called traces). With the help of Software Diagnostics´ new visual analytics techniques, hundreds of thousands of pieces of trace data of the ABAP Workbench´s SE30 can be efficiently and effectively analyzed.


Next Steps

In customer workshop, we will identify which execution scenarios are most important in your software. We record example run-time analysis data in the SAP application and document the bottlenecks with the help of the Software Diagnostics TraceXplorer ABAP. Purchasing the TraceXplorer ABAP licences enables you then to perform a rollout across your organization.
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