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Verifysoft introduces Team-based licenses for Testwell CTC++

In order to meet the requirements of modern software development processes and environments, Verifysoft now offers for Testwell CTC++ team-based licenses in addition to floating licences.
For dynamic, hybrid build and development environments, team-based licenses are issued granting the right to use the software within a dedicated team of a specified size. Technically, licenses are issued fitting to the build environment to ensure that the entire team can use Testwell CTC++ without technical restrictions.

Team-licenses are time-limited (usually one year), and the licensee commits to report about team size once per year. The End-User Licenses Agreement has been updated accordingly (cf. Verifysoft End-User License Agreement for Testwell-Tools).

For further information please contact our sales team.
Recorded Webinar: What's New in Testwell CTC++ V. 10?

Verifysoft recently released the new version 10.0 of its code coverage analyzer Testwell CTC++.
Testwell CTC++ 10 puts an emphasis on report generation: a new reporting tool, ctcreport, is responsible for template-based HTML report generation.

This and other innovations in version 10, such as the structure and functions of the new HTML report, improvements for header display, handling conditionally compiled code and ctclaunch for Linux for build integration, are the subject of our recorded webinar.
Imagix 4D version 10.5 with MISRA C++ Support Available

Imagix 4D version 10.5 has been released. The focus of this release is MISRA-C++.

Imagix 10.5 provides a checklist for MISRA-C++ 2008, the current version of the standard for best practices in developing safety-related embedded electronic systems and other software-intensive applications in C++. It implements all rules except for chapter 14.
Using the Imagix review feature guides the user in checking the rules of MISRA-C++ and automates any computations. The rules requiring documentation by the user have no automated steps but ask to attach the documentation. The decidable rules list all violations accurately as long as the project was analyzed without any errors and the code was complete. Rules that are undecidable enumerate any potential locations and require human review to decide on concerns and violations. Using MISRA-C++ in Imagix requires the MISRA license extension.

Imagix 10.5 also adds support for loading data from source files located in directory paths using international character sets.

  • Free Webinar: "Challenges in the use of AI systems in safety-relevant systems" will take place on 30th March 2023 at 03:00 p.m.
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  • Free Webinar: "Unit and software integration testing in safety-critical projects" will take place on
    13th July 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

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