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      1 - Free Webinar: Code Coverage for Embedded Targets
      2 - Integration of Testwell CTC++ with Imagix 4D availiable
      3 - Interactive Demo: Total Test Management with QMetry
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     The whole Verifysoft Team wish you and your families all the best for the New Year.


Free Webinar: Code Coverage for Embedded Targets
Errors in embedded software can be life-threatening. With no margin for errors, it is critical that your software development adopts a rigorous approach to compliance. For that reason, this webinar will give you information about Security Standards and Code Coverage on embedded targets. Specialists from Verifysoft will take you through Testwell CTC++ to demonstrate how to face up to the challenges of ensuring Code Coverage.
Register now for our webinar on Tuesday, 17 March 2015 (10am GMT, 11h CET, 3.30pm IST, 19h KST/JST).

Webinar: Code Coverage
Integration of Testwell CTC++ with Imagix 4D availiable
Imagix and Verifysoft announce the integration of Testwell CTC++ with Imagix 4D. Together with the test coverage tool Testwell CTC++, Imagix 4D can now be used to evaluate whether test cases have resulted in sufficient testing. Several layouts for viewing the program flow are available in Imagix 4D. One of them is the Logic layout chart which points up the program logic of the function. Different colors show the test coverage of each part of your software
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Imagix 4D integration
Interacitve demo: Total Test Management with QMetry
QMetry is a premier Test Management product that is used by Quality Assurance teams globally to shorten their testing lifecycle and introduce new efficiencies into QA processes. By using QMetry, QA practitioners can help the entire Development team get detailed and granular insights into the state of the testing cycle, and into other important metrics like Requirements Coverage. QMetry integrates seamlessly with numerous products in adjacent ALM spaces. The tool offers an out of the box integration and Test automation tools that can be launched from command prompt.
Learn about QMetry´s Test Management capapbilities through a free interacitve demo every Thursday 9am (London Time).
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Gestion de tests avec QMetry
Webinar: Code Coverage for Embedded Targets,
      12 February 2015
Embedded World 2015, Nuermberg (Germany),
      24 - 26 February 2015
Testwell CTC++ Training, Offenburg (Germany),
      10 March 2015

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