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Nr. 03/2014     September 2014      
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      1 - Testwell CTC++ Qualification Kit available
      2 - Embedded Software Testing Days London, Paris, Turin
      3 - Verifysoft is growing
      4 - 25 years success of Testwell CTC++: new version available
      5 - Events


Testwell CTC++ Qualification Kit available
Safety standards require a safe usage of all software development tools. In order to facilitate the tool qualification process for projects using Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser, Verifysoft Technology proposes now a qualifiction kit for Testwell CTC++.
The Testwell CTC++ Qualification Kit conforms to the standards ISO 26262, DO-330, DO-178C, IEC 61508, and EN 50128. It covers currently the programming language C and contains a Qualification Support Tool, thousands of test cases showing the reliability of Testwell CTC++, a Test Automation Unit to run tests, a Verification and Validation Report (V&V Report), as well as "getting started support" of Validas. As the qualification kit integrates existing verification activities, our customers can use it with minimal effort.
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Qualification Kit
Embedded Software Testing Days London, Paris, Turin
Verifysoft organises Embedded Software Testing Days in London, Paris, Turin.
Topics discussed:
-Code Coverage on embedded targets
-Security standards
-Different Coverage levels
-Static Code Analysis
All events are free of charge
30 September 2014, London more
2 October 2014, Massy (Paris, France) more
21 October 2014, Turin (Italy) more

Code Quality
Verifysoft is growing
Verifysoft Technology completed the year 2013 with a record high revenue and profit. Our technology is successfully used by more than 400 companies in over 30 countries worldwide.
After the acquisition of software tools from Testwell in the summer 2013, Verifysoft has built up a worldwide distribution network in the USA, India, Korea, UK, Italy, Romania, Finland and Israel. A distribution agreement with the Japanese company AI Corp. was signed recently.
After a very successful first half of 2014, we expect a further significant increase in sales for the current year. Reasons for this include the very good quality of our testing tools, the good economic situation in Germany as well as a strong global growth, especially in the U.S., India, Korea and Japan. In terms of staff Verifysoft has also continued to grow.
25 years success of Testwell CTC++: new version available
Testwell CTC++, the leading Code Coverage Analyser for On-Target Testing celebrates 25 years of successful use in the software testing community. Verifysoft celebrates this success on 25.09.2014 in Offenburg with presentations about requirements of security standards, different code coverage levels and an evening programm.
Recently the new version 7.3 of the tool was released. For those who are interested there are presentation videos online.
Testwell CTC++: 25 years success in Code Coverage, Offenburg, 25.09.2014
Embedded Software Testing Day, London, 30.09.2014
Embedded Software Testing Day, Paris, 02.10.2014
Embedded Software Testing Day, Turin, 21.10.2014
ESE Kongress, Sindelfingen, 02.+04.12.2014
CESA 3.0 (Congress on Automotive Electronic Systems), Paris, 03.+04.12.2014

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