Verifysoft Technology sponsors "French Software Testing Day" 2015 in Paris

Verifysoft Technology sponsors the "French Software Testing Day" JFTL, an event organized by the "Comité Français des Tests Logiciels" (CFTL) in Montrouge/Paris, Tuesday 14 April 2015.

GrammaTech Announces an increase of 60% in CodeSonar annual Sales

(Ithaca/New York, Offenburg/Germany, 18 September 2014)

More and more customers from Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Military, and Telecom Industries rely on the expertise of GrammaTech´s CodeSonar, a leading Static Code Analysis tool. Today GrammaTech announced a 60 percent increase in annual sales for its fiscal year, which closed on July 31.
GrammaTech´s success has been driven by new capabilities in CodeSonar for achieving standards compliance, eliminating multi-core issues, analyzing third-party code as well as improving software security by addressing dangerous information flows. CodeSonar is designed for failure-intolerant embedded environments. The tool analyzes both source code and binaries and identifies serious security and quality liabilities. Vulnerabilities, system crashes and unexpected behaviour at runtime as a result of e.g. memory corruption, leaks, data races, and other bugs can be avoided early in the development process.
For companies, which would like to increase their software quality, we propose static analysis by CodeSonar. Please ask for a free evaluation and get informed about our interesting license models.

Elvior released TestCast T3 version 6.8

(Tallinn/Estonia, Offenburg/Germany, 9 April 2014)

Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.8 with the following new features:
  • Full support for TTCN-3:2014
  • Support for external logger process communicating over TCP/IP (C++, C#)
  • XSD files are automatically converted when the -rb flag is set in the command line tool
  • Several other improvements

Elvior released TestCast T3 version 6.7.4

(Tallinn/Estonia, Offenburg/Germany, 28 January 2014)

This major release of TestCast T3 includes support for TTCN-3 extension package: Support of interfaces with continuous signals and modifications for Extended TRI support. Users can gain also of extended command line support to control TestCast features from command line. The release is available for Windows and Linux platforms.

Enhanced Support for French-speaking customers

(Offenburg/Germany, Paris/France, 27 November 2013)

Verifysoft welcomes Mr. Olivier Casse as Regional Sales Manager. e is based in Paris and will support our French-speaking customers inFrance, Switzerland and Belgium starting from January 2014.
Mr. Casse brings to the company over 20 years of professional experience in technical sale of embedded software tools for software tools providers like Wind River, Atego, Artisan, I-Logix etc. > Distributors