CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices add-on package v2.0 available

(21 December 2004)

An upgrade to CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer for Symbian Target Devices add-on is now available.
The new package comes with major enhancements, i.e.:
  • Timing instrumentation is now supported
  • Proposed a technique how timing instrumentation can be used in analysing heap usage and in searching memory leaks
  • Usage is made simpler and more resistent to human errors. The user is freed from the responsibility to start the background process, which will ensure that the coverage data won´t be erased by Symbian OS.
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CTC++ integration to CodeWarrior available

(15 December 2004)

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer has been extended to work with CodeWarrior Compiler on Windows platform for Symbian projects. Both the command-line mode and the IDE mode to build the projects with CTC++ are supported.
This upgrade is free of cost to current CTC++/Windows customers with maintenance contract.
CTC++ for Windows has so far supported Symbian as follows:
  • for the EPOC emulator, VC++ 6.0 compiler, command-line mode
  • for the EPOC emulator, usage via Visual Studio 6.0 IDE
  • for the target, gcc compiler, command-line mode
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ZF Group and Verifysoft Technology signed agreement about testing tools

(22 September 2004)

ZF group and Verifysoft Technology signed an agreement about special conditions for purchasing software testing and analysis tools.
Headquartered in Friedrichshafen (Germany) ZF group is one of the leading suppliers of the automotive industry. ZF employs more than 50,000 people in 25 countries. Company turnover in 2003 was more than 8,900 million Euros.
Testing tools of Testwell have already been successful in use at ZF Friedrichshafen AG and ZF Lenksysteme GmbH (a joint venture of ZF and Bosch) to ensure software quality and reliability. The agreement will grant special conditions to all ZF companies (more than 100 sites worldwide) for purchasing technologies distributed by Verifysoft.

Testwell CTC++ integration to Visual Studio .NET available

(27 August 2004)

For CTC++/Windows users a small add-on kit is now available, which facilitates a smooth use of CTC++ in the Visual Studio .NET 2002 and .NET 2003 IDE context.
This add-on package is a tool upgrade and included in the maintenance. Customers with valid maintenance contract will receive the update in the next days.
Until now, the test coverage analysis CTC++ has already been integrated in several IDEs, i.e. Visual Studio 5.0/6.0, Borland 5.0, Wind River Tornado, ...
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Testwell releases CTC++ version 6.0

(9 July 2004)

Testwell anounced today the release of CTC++ version 6. The new version which is available for Windows, Linux, HPUX and Solaris platforms, comes with several enhancements, for example
  • instrumenting also the ternary ?: operator
  • in ctcpost added -ff option to reduce coverage to be displayed in compact function coverage view
  • improvements in the function call tracing capability
  • improvements in timing instrumentation (only on some platforms)
  • ...
Customers with maintenance contract will receive the new version in the next days.

Testwell released new version of CTA++ (v. 3.0.3)

(2 July 2004)

Now CTA++ v3.0.3 supports also Visual Studio .NET 2003 (VC++ 7.1). There has come some enhancements also on cta2html and ctastub utilities, so all platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUX) have been upgraded. Verifysoft customers with valid maintenance contract will receive the update for free.

Verifysoft markets and supports Conformiq Test Generator ™ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

(Espoo/Helsinki, 30 June 2004)

Conformiq Software Ltd., a leading Finnish software testing and test consulting company, and Verifysoft Technology announce today the signature of an agreement concerning sales and support of Conformiq Test Generator in German speaking countries.
Conformiq Test Generator is a dynamic test automation tool that replaces the manual process of writing test scripts with automatically generated test cases.
Conformiq Test Generator´s test models are presented as UML state diagrams. Instead of the time-consuming and error prone script programming or manual testing, the test engineer creates test models with a user-friendly graphical editor. The relevance and coverage of the test cases created by the test generator is guaranteed by intelligent algorithms, that generate vast numbers of relevant test cases systematically.
Common areas of application include: Functional, system, and acceptance testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, Interface as well as Protocol/Platform testing.
Conformiq´s technology has been developed over a decade in research projects of finish Universities and in projects of leading Finish companies like Nokia and KONE. Since 1998 the technology has been further developed at Conformiq Software Ltd. into a user-friendly commercial product.
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Testwell announces the release of a new version of CTA++ (v. 3.0.2)

(11 March 2004)

Testwell announces the release of version 3.0.2 of the unit testing tool CTA++ for the platforms Windows (VC++ 6.0/Visual Studio6.0), Linux (egcs 1.1.2/2.91.66, gcc 2.96, gcc 3.2, Solaris (Sun C++v5.3, gcc3.3.1), HPUX (HP aC++ ver A.03.13).
On Windows platform the CTA++ run-time library is moved to a .DLL. It considerably simplifies the tool use when linking the test bed, both when done via Visual Studio IDE and when done in command line mode.
Customers with maintenance can download the new version without additional cost.

Verifysoft announces the release of CTC++ add-on for Borland C++ 5.0.2 IDE

(19 February 2004)

Verifysoft announces the release of the "Borland C++ 5.0.2 IDE"add-on which seamlessly integrates Testwell CTC++ (Test CoverageAnalyzer for C/C++) into the Borland C++ IDE.
This allows Borland C++ developers to measure code coverage with CTC++ within that integrated environment.
Testwell CTC++ is a powerful code coverage and dynamic analysis tool for C and C++. Whereas CTC++ already supports all actual Borland C++ versions using the makefile mechanism, the "Borland C++ 5.02 IDE" add-on facilitates every Borland C++ developer to measure code coverage in an intuitive and easy to use way directly from the Borland C++ IDE.
Compiling 16-bit code is supported but requires a separately available CTC++ Host-Target add-on.
Fully functional evaluation copies are available.
We wish to thank the Tools55 project for its work which provided the basis of our integration of CTC++ into the Borland C++ IDE.

Testwell CMTJava v. 1.4 available

(2 February 2004)

Testwell announced the release of a new version of CMTJava(version 1.4). The upgrade comes with a HTML reporting option(cmtjava2html add-on utility). Testwell CMTJava is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUX. On Windows platform its use is directly integrated to the CMTJava GUI.
For customers with support period in effect the upgrade is available without charge.

Testwell CMT++ with HTML output - New version of Testwell CTC++

(27 January 2004)

Testwell announced the release of upgrades for CMT++ (version 3.5) and CTC++ (version 5.2.1).
The essential enhancement in CMT++ is the introduction of HTML reporting. On Windows platform this capability is integrated to the CMT++ GUI.
Testwell CTC++ 5.2.1 is available on all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUX). It contains some smaller enhancements. Both tools can be downloaded by customers with support period in effect.