14 November 2018

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Julia Static Analyer: Introduction

Julia Static Analyzer in 2 Minutes

Julia - the most efficient static analyzer (Java, Android and .Net) for security
1:43     June 2017     English
Find out in 2 minutes who we are and what our innovative solutions can do for you! Julia is a next generation static analyzer, particularly accurate in identifying security vulnerabilities in Java, .NET and Android applications.
Based on a scientific method, Julia is able to find what the other analysis tools miss, as demonstrated by the OWASP Benchmark results.

The Julia Static Analyzer- Introduction
The Julia Static Analyzer- Introduction
20:15     March 2019     English
6. Static Code Analysis Day 2019:
Presentation of Sanna Kallio, Marketing & International Sales, JuliaSoft Verona/Italy
The Julia Analyzer is an abstract interpretation-based static analyzer of Java and .NET bytecode. The technology has been developed by JuliaSoft, a spin-off of University of Verona born in 2010, and is now a solid commercial static analysis solution that helps companies to discover bugs, vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, and privacy leaks in industrial applications.
The advantage of the technology compared to most other static analysis tools for Java and .NET languages is the depth and completeness of analysis, which permits a higher detection rate and an intelligent ranking of the severity of the findings. Around the scientific core, a complete ecosystem to support various Software Development Lifecycle phases has been built, supporting the major IDEs (Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio, and Visual Studio) and continuous integration processes (command line, SonarQube plugin). Advanced KPI Dashboards support management in the Asset and Vendor Management processes.
This talk is an introduction to the analyzer.
The Julia Static Analyzer- Live Demo
The Julia Static Analyzer- Live Demo
20:27     March 2019     English
6. Static Code Analysis Day 2019:
Presentation of Dr. Pietro Ferrara, Head of Research and Development, JuliaSoft Verona/Italy
Julia is an extremely efficient next-generation static analyzer for Java, Android and .NET. The accuracy of the tool is made possible by an innovative technology based on the scientific method of abstract interpretation.
This talk, gives a complete overview of the analyzer, its architecture and plugins. It will also demo some of its most relevant analyses discussing the results and present a benchmark comparison against some other commercial and open source tools.
Semantic Static Analysis of IoT Software
Semantic Static Analysis of IoT Software
27:37     March 2019     English
6. Static Code Analysis Day 2019:
Presentation of Dr. Pietro Ferrara, Head of Research and Development, JuliaSoft, Verona/Italy
The IoT paradigm brings together two historically different software worlds. On the one hand, embedded software runs on "things", and it is written in lower level programming languages like C and C++. Such software manages locally the device interacting with the physical world. On the other hand, enterprise sw running nowadays on the cloud is often implemented in higher level programming languages like Java and C#. It usually manages the data and the business processes of an organization, and it does not directly interact with the physical world.
Rigorous semantic static analyses have been widely applied to safety-critical software to detect runtime errors that might compromise its safety which makes it possible to discover all possible bugs of a given type and to produce fewer false alarms.
Many standards like ISO 26262 require the application of semantic static analysis. Similar analyses were available also for enterprise software, but because bugs and security vulnerabilities impacted only data and processes, the interest was relatively little. However, the enterprise sw of an IoT system indirectly interacts with the physical world, where a sw issue might compromise the safety of an IoT system. In this talk, we will discuss and show how we can combine semantic static analyses applied to different sw components of IoT systems to detect bugs and vulnerabilities that might impact the physical reliability of the system.

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