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CTC++ for Java and C# Add-on

CTC++ for Java and C# is an add-on for Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer.
The add-on extends the Code Coverage capabilities of Testwell CTC++ from C and C++ to Java, C#, and J#/Visual J#/JSharp.
The tool analyses for all coverage levels as required in "critical" software projects: Function-Coverage, Decision-, Statement-, Condition-, Multi-Condition- (MCC), and Modified Condition / Decision Coverage (MC/DC).
"CTC++ for Java and C#" helps to obtain certifications, i.e. DO178-B.



Testwell CMTJava

Code complexity has effect on how difficult it is to test and maintain an application. Complex code is likely to contain more errors than a straitforward code. Therefore developpers and project managers should analyse the code complexity of their projects. Testwell CMTJava shows you the following metrics: McCabe Cyclomatic Number, Halsteads Software Science Metrics, Line-of-Code-Metrics, and the Maintainability index.


Conformiq Designer

Conformiq Tool Suite
(Conformiq Modeler and Conformiq Designer)

Conformiq Automated Test Design™ tools automate the design of functional tests, helping to spot more defects, shorten testing turnaround time, and tackle more of their testing challenges.
Testing experts using our software focus on modeling the expected behavior of the real system and let Conformiq tools generate automatically human readable test plans, test cases, and executable test scripts.
With this groundbreaking approach, customer benchmarks show 5X to 20X productivity improvement factor in test creation—while achieving the same or better test coverage as with manual test design. This productivity improvement can be capitalized in improved test coverage, reduced turnaround time, and more successfully completed testing goals.
With Conformiq Tool Suite you do not need to write any test scripts. Instead, Conformiq Qtronic™ automatically generates and executed tests based on design models. The tool integrates with major CASE tools and UML editors.




Useful tools from other companies:


QF-Test is a professional product of the company Quality First Software (Munich, Germany) for automating tests of Java and Web GUI applications used by over 500 customers in more than 40 countries. QF-Test supports regression- and load testing for Swing, Eclipse/SWT/RCP- and Web applications and works cross platform. A user friendly interface, the comprehensible documentation and the quick support directly from the authors of QF-Test together with a high recognition result in a quick ROI. In contrast to unit tests, which are an indispensable aid themselves but which test only small parts of a system in isolation, GUI based testing exercises an application as a whole - from the end userer´s view - which helps uncover many different kinds of problems, not just errors in the GUI itself.


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