11 December 2020

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GrammaTech CodeSonar: Introduction

Narrow-Solution Static Analysis Tools vs. CodeSonar
Narrow-Solution Static Analysis Tools vs. GrammaTech CodeSonar
4:59     July 2019
Static Code Analysis Tools range widely in scope. Narrower tools, including commercial tools, and open source tools like CPP Check , can be used to find bugs in code, but they become apples to oranges when compared to advanced tools like GrammaTech CodeSonar. CodeSonar is more than just a tool for developers. It is also a solution for managers and security auditors.
Machine Learning for Finding Programming Defects and Anomalies
Machine Learning for Finding Programming Defects and Anomalies
37:45     March 2019
6. Static Code Analysis Day 2019:
This talk will describe how machine learning techniques work and will show how they are able to find several previously unknown bugs in high-profile software systems. It will demonstrate how software developers can use these techniques to find defects that are otherwise very difficult to anticipate.
Mark Hermeling
Do We Really Even Need Static Analysis Anymore?
03:28     March 2020
As Mark Hermeling, Director of Product Marketing for GrammaTech explains, dynamic analysis code testing tools may identify errors like NULL pointer dereferences or buffer overflows days or weeks after the original author has finished writing the code. But with static analysis, you're able to find those code quality issues earlier in the development cycle, eliminating a lot of potential cost, headaches, and wasted time later on. ...
Embedded World 2018: GrammaTech with Innovations for CodeSonar
Embedded World 2018: GrammaTech with Innovations for CodeSonar
02:03     March 2018
GrammaTech CodeSonar is the leading tool for advanced static source code and binary analysis. GrammaTech is working on a groundbreaking technology that combines static and dynamic analysis techniques. A completely new plug-in for CodeSonar which detects state violations during host-based testing by analyzing memory usage will be available later this year. For developers, this means more efficiency, less security risks, and shorter time-to-market.
GrammaTech at the Embedded World 2018
GrammaTech at the Embedded World 2018
02:27     March 2018
Interview with Mark Hermeling, Senior Director of Product Marketing at GrammaTech.
GrammaTech CodeSonar?
Integration Between GrammaTech CodeSonar and Wind River Workbench
11:15     May 2017
With this integration, software developers can annotate and resolve the software vulnerabilities that CodeSonar highlights without leaving the Wind River Workbench development environment, thereby significantly boosting productivity. Supporting the native Wind River VxWorks® real-time operating system as well as the POSIX API, CodeSonar provides advanced, whole program static analysis of application software and device drivers running in either kernel or user mode. For developers of complex Internet of Things (IoT) devices, CodeSonar delivers a must-have capability as it finds security and quality problems as well as problems specific to multi-core development such as deadlocks, livelocks, resource starvation, and race conditions. CodeSonar identifies bugs that can result in system crashes, unexpected behavior, and security breaches, reducing the risk of shipping costly, brand-damaging defects. It finds these bugs during the development phase, before software is tested, thereby saving cost and time.
GrammaTech CodeSonar?
GrammaTech CodeSonar
01:28     December 2016
CodeSonar® is a sophisticated static analysis tool for source code and binary code, that detects bugs and security vulnerabilities that other static analysis tools miss.
Protect Your Software Supply Chain
Protect Your Software Supply Chain
01:54     December 2016
In the increasingly fast-paced world of software development, leveraging third-party code can be a powerful shortcut. But are you taking into account the added risks?
Tainted Data Analysis in CodeSonar
Tainted Data Analysis in CodeSonar
06:04     November 2016
What is tainted data analysis? How can you leverage taint analysis to find anomalous or unstructured data that can be used by attackers to gain access or crash an application? The questions answered and more.
How Does CodeSonar Find More Bugs?
How Does CodeSonar Find More Bugs?
Paul Anderson, GrammaTech´s VP of Engineering, describes in this video how CodeSonar uses advanced static analysis techniques to pinpoint the hardest-to-find defects and security vulnerabilities.
GrammaTech CodeSonar Quick Demo
GrammaTech CodeSonar Quick Demo
04:01     August 2012
Brief demo of the static code analysis tool Grammatech CodeSonar®.
GrammaTech CodeSonar vs. PC-Lint
GrammaTech CodeSonar vs. PC-Lint and Cppcheck
04:38     April 2017
Advanced Static Analysis with GrammaTech CodeSonar compared to tools like PC-Lint® and Cppcheck.
GrammaTech CodeSonar Security Audit
Performing a Security Audit with CodeSonar
07:41     February 2015
In this tutorial, we describe how to approach security auditing, using CodeSonar.
GrammaTech CodeSonar Quick Demo
GrammaTech CodeSonar for Binary Code
07:00     April 2013
GrammaTech is proud to offer the most aggressive binary analysis technology available. Now you can find vulnerabilities in software even if you don´t have access to the source code.
Static Analysis Using CodeSonar from GrammaTech
Static Analysis Using CodeSonar from GrammaTech
05:57     August 2012
Interview with Mark Zarins, VP Sales & Marketing GrammaTech.
GrammaTech Software Visualization
Software Visualization
04:23     February 2013
Software Visualization Engineer Travis Hidlay demonstrates some of the new features of CodeSonar®´s software visualization technology, which now ships standard with CodeSonar.
Static Analysis Using CodeSonar from GrammaTech
Software Visualization for System-of-Systems
27:28     November 2012
Presentation by Michael McDougall (Grammatech) at 2012 Flight Software Workshop in San Antonio, Texas. The 2012 Flight Software Workshop was hosted by the Southwest Research Institute with support from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Aerospace Corporation, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
The Flight Software Workshop provides an opportunity to present current space flight architectures, novel approaches to mission solutions, and techniques for flight software development, integration, test and verification in an informal and open setting that facilitates communication across organizations and agencies.
GrammaTech CodeSonar Quick Demo
GrammaTech CodeSonar for Java
03:43     February 2013
Software Engineer John Von Seggern demonstrates some of the capabilities of GrammaTech´s Java analysis, within CodeSonar®´s advanced user interface.
Visualizing Static Analysis
Visualizing Static Analysis And Collaboration with CodeSonar - DESIGN West 2012
05:50     March 2012
C and C++ programmers and now Matlab programmers can take advantage of GrammaTech´s CodeSonar static analysis tools to reduce programming errors. Its new visualization and collaboration support enhances team quality control.
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