Please note that we assume the evaluator to shortly summarize the evaluation results for our feedback, whatever the evaluation results are.
As the evaluation summary feedback an email with the following contents is enough (covering each tool whose evaluation copy you have received):
  • How long time (hours/days/...) you approximately spent with the tool.
  • What were your major findings, both good and bad, compared to your needs and expectations. We do not expect this be your company's official and final word.
  • Your tool selection status: decision open / evaluating still other tools / best candidate so far / there are better tools / when expecting to decide / ...
  • Your statement that you have uninstalled the tool and deleted all the received tool materials and their copies.
Any excerpts of your feedback report or your name won't be used in our marketing (unless otherwise agreed).
Our motives for requiring the feedback report are: 1) we wish to learn how our tools meet the customers needs, and 2) we want the evaluation to get decently closed.

Thank you in advance for your evaluation report !
Your Verifysoft Team

last updated: 18.01.2009
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