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DataDrill Express

Software Project Measurement Solution for Software Project Management and Software Project Improvement

DataDrill Express is a complete software project measurement solution that gives decision makers the information they need, when they need it.
Using DataDrill Express, companies quickly deploy intuitive, information-rich metrics captured directly from key data sources.
You can quantitatively manage all aspects of the software life cycle, from requirements to testing. Color-coded status of project performance focuses attention on underperforming areas, allowing managers to use DataDrill Express to quickly assess actual performance against plans.

Accurately and consistently measuring performance is vital to being able to control and optimize business results. Companies often find, however, the process of gathering, consolidating and reporting performance data a difficult and time-consuming challenge. Now, with DataDrill Express, you can simplify this process so you save time and money and create real value for decision-makers.

DataDrill Express has been specifically designed to speed implementation, automate much of the measurement process, producing accurate forecasting, detailed reports and alerts. The capabilities of DataDrill Express scale from small, team-based deployments to large enterprise programs with multiple sites.


Control Customer and Product Requirements
With DataDrill Express, you get extensive requirements tracking to ensure that your products satisfy their intended need. In addition, the tool helps you understand and control volatility and requirements creep.

Ensure Acceptable Quality
The visibility provided by DataDrill Express helps you understand the source and rate of defects, manage their closure and make sure your product isn´t on a death march. DataDrill Express helps you contain defects by identifying their sources and enabling you to take action.

Monitor Progress and Status
DataDrill Express´ automated data collection and immediate access to web-based metrics updates make it easy to check progress and evaluate the effects of implemented process changes. Alerts and alarms serve as early warning systems.

Monitor Software Size
DataDrill Express gives you an up-to-date picture of software size and automatically evaluates your plans and estimates against actual progress. DataDrill Express helps you understand new code development as well as reuse levels.

Hit Your Scheduled Deadlines
Even with a project schedule, you may not know you´re in trouble until it is too late. With its built in schedule metrics, DataDrill Express lets you know how well your team is starting and finishing tasks and milestones. DataDrill Express can also detect schedule compression, unplanned tasks and task allocation. In short, DataDrill Express makes your schedule data useful in actually meeting the deadline.

Extensive Library of Best Practices
DataDrill Express delivers a large library of software management best practices representing proven management techniques for all life cycle phases. Quickly select desired best practices, add your own and define the organizational and project standards.

Track Compliance
With DataDrill Express, managers can quickly assess compliance of projects against leading industry standards (like ITIL), government regulations, maturity models (such as CMMI), and corporate governance and policy. In DataDrill Express, compliance is a by-product of effective management, not a burden.

Measure to Quantify Improvement
Measurement lies at the core of continuous improvement. With DataDrill Express, quantitative metrics target your process improvement actions towards real business objectives and help you monitor progress of your process improvement actions.

Capture Experience & Lessons Learned
Top-performing software organizations use DataDrill Express to capitalize on experiences and lessons learned, to continually improve their processes. These improvements in the software process result in measurable improvements to the software product.

Deliver Information to Everyone
No matter what your size, DataDrill Express smoothly scales to fit, and effortlessly grows and evolves as you do. By instantly reporting the latest information updates, DataDrill Express keeps everyone in the loop. DataDrill Express´ ease of use encourages rapid user adoption with minimal user training and support.

Single Version of the Truth
Consolidate and report consistent performance data so everyone stays on the same page.


Key Benefits

Manage by Exception
Rely on a one-glance review to direct your attention straight to potential problems and opportunities so that you can act.

Automate Data Collection
Eliminate hunting and gathering metrics data; have accurate and consistent information reliably delivered to you.

Intelligent Collection
DataDrill Express introduces intelligent integrations –direct, pre-built interfaces with all of your important data sources, including SQL databases, MS Project, Excel and other applications and tools essential to providing you with key performance information.

Use Web-based Dashboards
You´re never out of touch when you can access to all of your performance data 24/7 with just a web browser.

Apply Best Practices
Start off with ours (gained over nearly two decades) out of the box, and then add your own.

CMMI Levels 2 through 5
Make it easier to reap the benefits of CMMI implementation using our built-in metrics plus automated compliance tracking.


Master your Projects

The control of projects is vital for companies. But less than 30% of projects proceed well. Most of them suffer from delays or budgets overruns, or are cancelled.   > learn more


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