CTC++ for RTX (Ardence)


Code Coverage for RTX (Ardence, former VenturCom): CTC++

CTC++ is a powerful instrumentation-based code coverage and dynamic analysis tool for C and C++ code. As a coverage tool, CTC++ shows the coverage all the way to the Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC) level as required by DO-178B projects.
CTC++ is suitable for use in safety critical and mission critical software development projects, i.e. to obtain DO-178B Level A certification for the avionics industry.

CTC++'s overhead on the size and execution speed is very low.
When used for development of embedded systems, CTC++ checks the code coverage in almost any target.

CTC++ is easily usable from all common IDEs, among them RTX from Ardence (former VenturCom).

RTX is Ardence's market-leading embedded real-time solution for Windows operating systems. RTX provides functionality that gives developers deterministic control of Windows-based systems that require a high level of performance and operability.
This real-time control solution allows developers to reduce system costs; improve reliability; speed the time to market; and increase the performance of their applications.

Ardence RTX with Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer is already sucessful in use in several safety critical projects in France and Germany.

Further information about CTC++ is available from CTC++ Homepage.

Press Release CTC++ for Ardence Real Time Extension (RTX).

last updated: 14.06.2005

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