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Testwell CTC++ to show Test Coverage for PikeTec Time Partition Testing (TPT)

(Berlin, Offenburg/Germany, 11 September 2012)

Testwell CTC++ shows now the test coverage of Time Partition Testing (TPT). TPT is a model-based testing tool for testing embedded systems, especially the testing of control systems. The tool supports all important fields of the test process which are in detail the management of tests, test modelling, test execution, test assessment, and test documentation.TPT is used to set up test cases based on requirements. Testwell CTC++ shows the status of test coverage during the test of C code as required by standards like ISO 26262, DO-178C and IEC 61508. If CTC++ reveals that the test coverage is insufficient, further tests can be set up with TPT.

Testwell CTC++ 7.0.2 Available

(Tampere/Finland, 6 March 2012)

Testwell CTC++ v7.0.2 is a small bug-fix version with some enhancements.
Mentioning here some of them:
  • new NO_INCLUDE conf. parameter
  • now also wildcards supported in SKIP_FUNCTION_NAME conf. parameter
  • some bug fixes, also little changes, in statement coverage handling
  • new C++ 11 string and character literals
  • small HTML report changes, now better "understandable"

Now Available - Add-ons for Testwell CTC++ to measure Test Coverage of Source Code written in C# and Java

(Offenburg/Germany, 9 February 2012)

Verifysoft Technology GmbH announces two add-ons that upgrade the existing test coverage analyser " Testwell CTC++" to be used with C# and Java source codes.
The functional scopes of these two add-ons is listed subsequently: the add-on "CTC++ for Java and Android" measures test coverages for Java code projects whereas the add-on "CTC++ for C#" measures test coverages of software written in C#.
Equally to "Testwell CTC++" both add-ons also deliver all levels of test coverages like "Statement Coverage", "Function Coverage", "Decision/Branch Coverage", "Condition Coverage", "Modified Condition/Decision Coverage" (MC/DC) as well as "Multi Condition Coverage" (MCC).
Ultimately, with these add-ons "Testwell CTC++" is the sole test coverage analysing tool (on the market today) that allows safety critical software written in C, C++, C# or Java being measured for test coverage at all.