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Testwell CTC++ Host Run-Time add-on (CTCHRT) v2.0 available

(Tampere/Finland, 10 November 2011)

Testwell announces the availability of a new version of "CTC++ Host Run-Time add-on" for Testwell CTC++.
CTCHRT is a new innovation for measuring code coverage at target machines. In it the instrumented program at the target writes onthe fly the coverage data to the host, where it is collected to afile (probefile). Later, at the host, a CTCHRT utility is run to read the probe file and to map the execution data to the instrumentedsource files and to create (or to sum up) the datafile, which contains the execution data in the normal CTC++ tool chain form. Thereafter the coverage and timing reports are obtained normally with the ctcpost and ctc2html utilities.
CTCHRT v2.0 is primarily an upgrade of this add-on component to the basic CTC++ v7.0 level. Also some enhancements in the tool. Linux support added (CTCHRT host side).
Further information is available from Testwell website.