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Test Coverage Tool CTC++ Version 6.2.2 available

(22 May 2006)

This revision 6.2.2 of CTC++ contains a correction of a bug which could occur during multicondition coverage instrumentation with certain kind of "complicated" conditions, especially if they contained ternary ?: operators. In this revision effectively only the preprocessor component has changed.
Our maintenance customers will receive the new version in the next days free of charge.
Further informationen : Testwell CTC++

Version 6.2.1 of Test Coverage Tool Testwell CTC++ available

(28 April 2006)

Testwell announces the release of CTC++ version 6.2.1 for all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris).
The new version comes with enhancements for the work with some extreme C++ and GNU gcc cases.
The enhancements are mostly based on the experience of Verifysoft Technology during the code coverage of a running Linux 2.6 Kernel. Our experiences with the work on a CTC++ instrumented Linux kernel and a blog are here available.
Our maintenance customers will receive the new version as usual free of charge.

Testwell CTC++ 6.2 available

(6 April 2006)

Testwell releases CTC++ 6.2, a new version of the leading test coverage analyzer.
CTC++ 6.2 comes with a rearchitectured HTML report. Besides the layout changes it no more requires pop-ups and JavaScripts from the browser. Testwell also introduced a symbolfile locking/serialization scheme facilitating parallel "CTC++ builds" of the source files of a project, for example in a Linux farm context. Some "extreme-situation C++" instrumentation bugs have been corrected. Support for CodeWarrior v3.1 at Symbian EPOC emulator use has been added.
Our maintenance customers will receive the new version free of charge.