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Testwell CTC++: new version (v6.1.1) available

(30 August 2005)

The update comes with a couple of enhancements (improved ternary :? handling in conditions, etc.) as well as better handling of some extreme C++ cases.
Our maintenance customers will receive the new version free of charge.

Code Coverage Analyzer Testwell CTC++ adapted for Ardence Real Time Extension (RTX)

(15 June 2005)

Verifysoft Technology and Ardence announced today the adaptation of Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer for Ardence RTX.
Ardence, Inc. - formerly VenturCom, Inc. - is a global leader in designing and developing software solutions that enhance the control, dependability and management of Windows® operating systems.
RTX is Ardence's market-leading embedded real-time solution for Windows operating systems.
Ardence RTX with Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer is already successful in use in several safety critical projects in France and Germany.
> more information about CTC++ for Ardence Real Time Extension (RTX)

Testwell CTC++: Host-Target add-on upgrade (v3.1) available

(13 June 2005)

Testwell has released a new version of the add-on to CTC++ which allows measuring of code coverage in any target.
The upgrade comes with several enhancements which makes certain behavior consistent to the recently released CTC++ v6.1 host-based tool behavior.
> more information about CTC++ and the host-target-add-on

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer v. 6.1 released

(9 May 2005)

Testwell has released a new version v6.1 of the code coverage tool CTC++.
The new version comes with the following enhancements:
  • new, full GUI integration into Visual Studio 7.x/.NET
  • new ctc2excel tool to convert coverage data to tab-separated list, ready to import in Excel or into a programming language of your choice.
  • supports now Microsoft Managed C++ extension
  • further enhancements on various places
> more information about CTC++