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CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices add-on package v2.0 available

(21 December 2004)

An upgrade to CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer for Symbian Target Devices add-on is now available.
The new package comes with major enhancements, i.e.:
  • Timing instrumentation is now supported
  • Proposed a technique how timing instrumentation can be used in analysing heap usage and in searching memory leaks
  • Usage is made simpler and more resistent to human errors. The user is freed from the responsibility to start the background process, which will ensure that the coverage data won´t be erased by Symbian OS.
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CTC++ integration to CodeWarrior available

(15 December 2004)

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer has been extended to work with CodeWarrior Compiler on Windows platform for Symbian projects. Both the command-line mode and the IDE mode to build the projects with CTC++ are supported.
This upgrade is free of cost to current CTC++/Windows customers with maintenance contract.
CTC++ for Windows has so far supported Symbian as follows:
  • for the EPOC emulator, VC++ 6.0 compiler, command-line mode
  • for the EPOC emulator, usage via Visual Studio 6.0 IDE
  • for the target, gcc compiler, command-line mode
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Testwell CTC++ integration to Visual Studio .NET available

(27 August 2004)

For CTC++/Windows users a small add-on kit is now available, which facilitates a smooth use of CTC++ in the Visual Studio .NET 2002 and .NET 2003 IDE context.
This add-on package is a tool upgrade and included in the maintenance. Customers with valid maintenance contract will receive the update in the next days.
Until now, the test coverage analysis CTC++ has already been integrated in several IDEs, i.e. Visual Studio 5.0/6.0, Borland 5.0, Wind River Tornado, ...
> further information about the CTC++ .NET integration

Testwell releases CTC++ version 6.0

(9 July 2004)

Testwell anounced today the release of CTC++ version 6. The new version which is available for Windows, Linux, HPUX and Solaris platforms, comes with several enhancements, for example
  • instrumenting also the ternary ?: operator
  • in ctcpost added -ff option to reduce coverage to be displayed in compact function coverage view
  • improvements in the function call tracing capability
  • improvements in timing instrumentation (only on some platforms)
  • ...
Customers with maintenance contract will receive the new version in the next days.

Verifysoft announces the release of CTC++ add-on for Borland C++ 5.0.2 IDE

(19 February 2004)

Verifysoft announces the release of the "Borland C++ 5.0.2 IDE"add-on which seamlessly integrates Testwell CTC++ (Test CoverageAnalyzer for C/C++) into the Borland C++ IDE.
This allows Borland C++ developers to measure code coverage with CTC++ within that integrated environment.
Testwell CTC++ is a powerful code coverage and dynamic analysis tool for C and C++. Whereas CTC++ already supports all actual Borland C++ versions using the makefile mechanism, the "Borland C++ 5.02 IDE" add-on facilitates every Borland C++ developer to measure code coverage in an intuitive and easy to use way directly from the Borland C++ IDE.
Compiling 16-bit code is supported but requires a separately available CTC++ Host-Target add-on.
Fully functional evaluation copies are available.
We wish to thank the Tools55 project for its work which provided the basis of our integration of CTC++ into the Borland C++ IDE.

Testwell CMT++ with HTML output - New version of Testwell CTC++

(27 January 2004)

Testwell announced the release of upgrades for CMT++ (version 3.5) and CTC++ (version 5.2.1).
The essential enhancement in CMT++ is the introduction of HTML reporting. On Windows platform this capability is integrated to the CMT++ GUI.
Testwell CTC++ 5.2.1 is available on all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUX). It contains some smaller enhancements. Both tools can be downloaded by customers with support period in effect.