Testwell CTC++: Tool working principal

Hardware part

  • CTC++ is not dependant on any hardware
  • CTC++ is not dependant on a particular compiler

Software part

We have two scenarios to get CTC++ run on the target

Classical Host-Target Package

Typically for targets having
  • file system under it
  • some kilo of available RAM

Addon for ╬╝Controllers (bitcov add-on)

Typically for targets having
  • No filesystem under it
  • Insufficient RAM
This arrangement has typically less then 20 times of RAM needage compare to the classical Host-Target arrangement

Build environment

We need to determine, how to exchange compiler call with a call to ctc. In a make like environment e.g., this can be done with make CC="ctc cl". CTC++ needs a description of the compiler in ctc.ini.

last updated: 22 December 2015

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