Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage-Analyzer for C/C++ : available for all Beck - IPC@CHIP - Products

In order to ensure highest code quality and reliability of embedded systems the test coverage analyzer CTC++ for C/C++ has been integrated in Borland 5.02. The integration has been done by Verifysoft Technology in cooperation with Beck IPC. CTC++ is now available for all IPC@CHIP based products.
CTC++ helps to avoid software errors by measuring the test coverage and showing bottlenecks of the software in development.
CTC++ for Borland
Beck Applications The IPC@CHIP is an embedded controller designed to WEB- or LAN- enable products and includes a 16bit 186-processor, RAM, Flash-Disk, serial interfaces, an Ethernet-Controller an many I/O pins. The chip is a combination of hard- and software and comes with a preinstalled real time operating system including TCP/IP stack, Web-server, FTP-server and Telnet-server.
CTC++ CTC++ Testwell CTC++ is one of the most powerful tools for measurement of test coverage and detection of bottlenecks in C and C++ applications. CTC++ supports function-, decision-, condition-, multicondition- and modified condition-/decision (MC/DC)-coverage. It satisfies highest requirements in the software development.
CTC++ is simple to use, has very small instrumentation overhead and gives clear results.

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Beck IPC Beck IPC – a company of the Festo group – supplies hardware, software, services and informationen for all aspects of PC-based technology and automation.

Verifysoft Technology GmbH is located in Offenburg (Germany). The company is specialized in software testing and analysis tools for C/C++ and Java projects as well as in testing automation.
Testwell, based in Tampere (Finland) is an editor of "state-of-the-art"-testing tools for C/C++ and Java.

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