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Software testing day in Turin (Italy)

Turin, 21 october 2014

Verifysoft presents in cooperation with its partner Dofware the Software Testing Day: Software testing requirements, code coverage and dynamic software testing

Errors in Embedded Software can cause life-threatening damage, especially inside of critical systems such as flight control, car breaks, railway control, or medical equipment where no error margin is allowed. For that purpose, industry standards DO-178C (aviation), ISO 26262 (automotive) and EN 50128 (railway), require a lot of significant software testing, as well as the proof of the coverage of the code.
According to the criticality, developers and testers have to apply different levels of code coverage in order to prove that the software has been sufficiently tested.
The instrumentation of the code by the coverage analysis tool is unavoidable.
This requests a greater memory usage and several challenges are arising, because the amount of RAM and ROM memory available in embedded systems are per se limited.
You're invited to learn more about the standards requirements for critical software and discover how to fulfil them.
We will show you how to face up to the challenge of embedded compact target in reducing drastically the requirement for additional RAM memory. Our technology is used by BMW, Thales, Airbus, Audi, Bosch, Tom-Tom... References

Our topics:

  • Security standards
  • Software testing requirements
  • Code Coverage on embedded targets
  • Different Coverage levels
  • Practical example of a Code Coverage tool Testwell CTC++
  • Qualification Kit for Testwell CTC++ (DO178-C, ISO 26262, EN 50128, ...)
  • Dynamic software testing

Time and Date: 21 october 9:30-17:30 o'clock

Participation is free

Dofware S.r.l.
Corso Lombardia, 75
10099 San Mauro Torinese (Turin, Italy)

Services provided:

  • Qualified talks of Software Test Specialists from Verifysoft and Dofware
  • Handouts
  • Snacks, drinks and lunch
> For more information please contact Polina Handzhiyska:
Phone: (0049) 781-127-8118-0


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21 october 2014, Turin
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Testwell CTC++ Coverage Report

Testwell CTC++ Coverage Report

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