Droidcon 2011 Berlin


Droidcon Berlin: Live Presentation of Test Coverage on Android Phones

Droidcon Berlin 2011

Roland Bär, Verifysoft
10:30am � 11:00am, Thu Droidcon in Humboldt

So far, test coverage reports are the only proof that you have really tested your application. This talk will start with a basic explanation of what test coverage basically is. We look at different levels of coverage, from function coverage to decision, condition, MC/DC (as required by DO178B) and multi-condition.

The test coverage tool described in detail is Testwell CTC++ plus the CTC++ for Java and C# add-on. It is owned by Testwell Oy, Tampere, Finland, and has been successfully used in telecommunications, aeronautics (DO178B), medical devices and automotive industry.
Testwell CTC++ (Test Coverage Analyzer for C and C++) enables users to get test coverage virtually with any compiler and any target.
Based on the assumption that the JVM is just another target, and Java is just a kind of C++ dialect, the Java and C# add-on was written as front-end from Roland Bär. It worked later almost out of the box with DalvikVM.

The talk will give detailed instructions how to setup a tool-chain for a native (NDK) application, how to prefix/overwrite the compiler there, then compile the app, download it to the phone, run it, drop data to e.g. /sdcard/MON.txt, transfer it back to the host, convert it and create the test coverage report.

After that we will proceed with a Java Application, Frozen Bubbles, how to build with CTC++ and Ant. Download and run it. Basically same procedure to get coverage data out, convert and generate the reports.


Roland Bär studierte in Karlsruhe und Offenburg und ist über Parasoft in den USA zur Thematik Testen und Tools gestoßen. Seit 2003 ist er für Verifysoft in Offenburg tätig.

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