Seminar Model Based Testing


Workshop "Model Based Testing" and Automatic Testcase Generation

Verifysoft Seminar Softwaretest             Technologiepark Offenburg, Conference Room
            In der Spöck 10, 77656 Offenburg (Germany)
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            Thursday, 26 March 2009, 10h00-17h00
            Language: English
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This workshop´s aim is to demonstrate the advantages of model-based testing such as faster test design, higher test quality, better test coverage, easier test maintenance and more test reuse.
Testing quality and productivity improvement using leading model-based automatic test design tool Conformiq Qtronic™ has been proven commercially.

Come and learn about this innovative technology !


10h00 Breakfast

10h20 Model-based testing - Is it for me?

  • Challenges with traditional approach
  • Why to use MBT?
  • Model Based Test Design Workflow
  • MDD and MBT - Do they synthesize?
  • Case Study - ROI with Conformiq Qtronic™
12h30 Lunch

13h30 Conformiq Qtronic™ - Can it help me?

  • Interactive Demonstration - From a requirement model to a test
    • Test Generation Parameters & Controls
    • Requirement Coverage Control & More
  • Modelling for Conformiq Qtronic™
    • Modelling with QML & UML
    • Using existing Modelling Tools
  • Test Execution Environment
    • Formats of test scripts generated with Conformiq Qtronic™
    • Conformiq Qtronic™ plug-in adapters
    • Integration with your test platform
  • Conformiq Qtronic™ Application Areas
  • How can one proceed?

16h30 Discussion/Questions

17h00 End of Workshop - Speakers will be still available for questions


Verifysoft Seminar Softwaretest


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Hiermit melde ich mich verbindlich zum Seminar "Model Based Testing" und automatische Testgenerierung am 11. September 2008 im Technologiepark Offenburg an
Ich kann am 11.09.2008 nicht teilnehmen, möchte aber für eine Folgeveranstaltung eingeladen werden

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