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CTC++ Testüberdeckungstool auf Symbian OS ausgeweitet

(24. November 2003)

Ab sofort ist CTC++ für Symbian Target Devices, ein add-on des leistungsfähigen Test-Coverage-Tools CTC++ verfügbar. Das Tool erleichtert die Testüberdeckungsmessung in Symbian OS Targets wie zum Beispiel Mobiltelefonen. CTC++ für Windows hatte bisher bereits Testüberdeckungsmessungen in der Symbian OS EPOC Emulator-Umgebung erlaubt.

CTC++ v. 5.2 verfügbar

(29 Oktober 2003)

Testwell gibt das Release der Version 5.2 des Coverage-Analysers CTC++ bekannt.
Die neue Version ist auf allen von CTC++ unterstützten Plattformen (Windows, Linux,Solaris und HPUX) verfügbar.
Die Version 5.2 bietet unter anderem folgende Verbessungen:
  • Introduced 'ctcmerge' add-on utility
  • Introduced a technique to 'instrument for function call trace'
  • Introduced an alternate way to allocate the counter areas from heap, which makes it easier to test modules that are freed from memory in the middle of the test run, e.g. dynamically freed DLLs on Windows
  • Timing instrumentation is now better supported
  • Enhancements in the ctc2html utility
  • Enhanced the CTC++/Visual Studio 6.0 integration, e.g., now full CTC++ options repertoire can be used at "CTC++ Build/Clean..."
  • On Windows the code under test can now be compiled also with __stdcall and __fastcall calling conventions, previously only with __cdecl
  • On Windows enhanced the Symbian EPOC emulator use with command line mode of use, previously the usage was supported only via Visual Studio IDE. We hope to soon release a "CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices" add-on.

Das Add-on zur Coveragemessung auf dem Target bleibt zur bisherigen Version 5.0.1 unverändert.

CTC++ v5.0.10 available

(December 2002)

The Windows version can now be used out-of-the-box also with Borland C++ and with gcc/g++, besides the previous Visual C++. New (more strict) instrumentation of case/default labels in "fall through" situations. Introduced new means to more easily adapt CTC++ to some cross-compilers (needed in CTC++/Host-Target).
Preliminary support for 64-bit applications on Solaris and HP-UX, call for details.