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End of January 2013 Verifysoft has stopped distributing Coverity Static Analysis


For questions about Coverity´s static analysis tools, please contact directly the vendor Coverity Inc.


Since 1 February 2013 Verifysoft is distributor for the static code analysis tool CodeSonar® of GrammaTech Inc., Ithaca (New York/USA).
Further information is available from the announcement below.


GrammaTech Inc. Partners with Verifysoft Technology for Reselling CodeSonar® in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

GrammaTech Logo   (Ithaca, New York/USA, Offenburg/Germany, 1 February 2013)

Verifysoft Technology is excited to announce our distributorship for GrammaTech in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
GrammaTech is a software-development tools vendor based in Ithaca, New York. The company was founded in 1988 as a technology spin-off of Cornell University.

CodeSonar®, GrammaTech´s flagship product, is the most powerful source code analysis system available today. Extraordinarily precise, GrammaTech´s CodeSonar finds, on average, 2 times more serious defects in software than other static analysis solutions. Designed for organizations with zero tolerance for defects and vulnerabilities in their code, CodeSonar provides static analysis for applications where reliability and security are paramount.
Since 2006 Verifysoft Technology has successfully introduced the static analysis tools of Coverity Inc. (San Francisco) into the German speaking markets. Coverity is now present in Europe with it´s own sales team. Verifysoft Technology decided for company strategic reasons to not extend the distribution agreement with Coverity Inc. for a further period. Coverity´s static analysis tools focus on large code bases, but most of Verifysoft customers are developping embedded projects. GrammaTech tools focus also on those smaller projects.


last updated: 4 February 2013

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