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QMetry 5.5 Available

(Santa Clara/USA, 29 August 2013)

QMetry 5.5 is available. New features include: Implemented Broadcast Messaging to users help icon QMetry Release Notes, Added report "Test Case Execution By Date per User" help icon QMetry Release Notes, Added integration with Assembla defect tracker, Added delete function to the API help icon QMetry Release Notes, Added API to create a requirement, Added Precondition as a field that gets copied to the description field of JIRA help icon QMetry Release Notes, Added API for listing TestCases in a Test Suite, Added ability to save Advanced Boolean Searches to easily create TestSuites (Enterprise) help icon QMetry Release Notes, Added new Continuous Testing report (Enterprise) help icon QMetry Release Notes, Added report "TestCase Results By Tester Per Drop" (Enterprise) help icon QMetry Release Notes, Updated Test Suite Export (Enterprise) help icon QMetry Release Notes, Added Export on execution screen (Enterprise) help icon QMetry Release Notes, Added Role Rights to allow users to see other users tasks (Enterprise) help icon QMetry Release Notes, Added additional Save button to the Test Plan Module help icon QMetry Release Notes, Allow users to save import map as a private mapping, Added a Quick Start Video to help new users. There are also several other enhancements.


QMetry Announces Improved Agile Capabilities and Enhancements in Integration and Reporting Features in Release 5.4

(Santa Clara/USA, 26 February 2013)

QMetry, a premier provider of Test Management solutions today announced the latest release of its award-winning Test Management Platform. QMetry 5.4 focuses on improvements for teams using Agile methodologies, as well as enhancements in its Integration capabilities with ALM products and in the Reporting capabilities embedded in the platform.
QMetry 5.4 improves its archiving feature with the ability to easily migrate backlogs from one release to another. Further, both Releases and Cycles can now be locked to enable teams to freeze activity at certain checkpoints and thereby isolate test artifacts and results. There is also easy access to a CI module via a link to Jenkins that enables QA teams to have a unified and consistent view of relevant testing information.
With QMetry´s Continuous Testing feature, organizations using Agile development practices can test each iteration, or "build", that comes out of development. Development groups may deliver to QA multiple increments, builds, or "Drops" in a given week. With Version 5.4 QMetry adds the ability of QA organizations to assign default drops per cycle and/or per QA role.


Test-Management-Tool QMetry: Version 5.3 Available

(Santa Clara/USA, 10 September 2012)

QMetry announces the latest release of their flagship Test Management platform QMetry. Here some of the new features in version 5.3:

  • Integration with JIRA 5.0
  • Support for Rally Software´s Enterprise Edition
  • New Jasper Reports
  • Ability to create Test Suites from a Requirement
  • New API´s for creating Drops


Test Management Tool QMetry 5.2 Available

Logo QMetry   (Santa Clara/USA, Offenburg/Germany, 3 May 2012)

QMetry Inc. announces the launch of Qmetry 5.2 – the latest version of the premier test management platform.

Qmetry 5.2 includes new features, improvements to existing functionality and bug fixes.
All designed to make your test management processes more effective and to make your QA team more productive.
Here some highlights of the new version 5.2:
  • Support for IE 9 and the Rally Community edition
  • Enabling better management of test suites
  • Improved support for UTF-8 characters
  • New LAMP and XAMP packages
  • Improved JIRA plugin
  • Enabling better linking to defects to Fogbugz
  > more information about QMetry


New Version 5.1 of Test Management Platform QMetry Available

(Santa Clara/USA, 15 January 2012)

QMetry, a leading provider of software quality management solutions, today announced an update to its advanced test management platform with an enhanced user interface and improved performance. The update also continues QMetry´s ability to help companies collaborate between departments and reduce development time.
"QMetry continues our focus on being best of breed. You don´t need to scrap your existing tools", emphasized David Silva, Product manager at QMetry "QMetry allows you to use other leading tools like Jira, Rally, Selenium, QTP, Bugzilla, Fogbugz, and many more. Our goal is to help you leverage your existing tool investments and avoid the expense of retraining your development staff".
QMetry 5.1 adds integration for Rally Software, and improves the integration of Bugzilla and Jira by adding additional fields in edit defect window.
QMetry also continues to improve the UI by providing the most flexible platform for QA groups to work with. QA groups can now easily reorder Test Cases within a Test Suite and Test Steps within a Test case with a user friendly way. > further information


Test Management: Verifysoft and QMetry to sign a distribution agreement

Logo QMetry   (Santa Clara/USA, Offenburg/Germany, 4 October 2011)

Verifysoft Technology has signed a distribution agreement with QMetry, vendor of the test management tool QMetry covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

QMetry, an aspiring software company, has been founded by Infostretch Tech ventures and released the version 1 of their test management tool in 2008. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara (California/USA).
The test management tool QMetry provides the rock-solid foundation that Software testing teams need to create and update Test Requirements, QA/Test Plan, test cases, test results and defects. QMetry delivers a structured approach to test process management and test case management which will help to increase productivity and improve visibility.   > more information about QMetry


QMetry recognized among solution providers associated with "secure at the source approach to application security" by Aberdeen Group

(Santa Clara/USA, 5 April 2011)

QMetry, a leading test management software provider, has been recognized among solution providers "associated with the secure at the source approach to application security" by Aberdeen Group, which recently released its research titled "Security and the Software Development Lifecycle: Secure at the Source".
QMetry seamlessly integrates into software development lifecycle and enables workflows and processes to increase the elimination of security vulnerabilities before applications are even deployed, increasing the ROI on application security.
Monitoring and evaluating application security is an important step in securing virtually any application. QMetry´s integrated dashboard and advanced reporting ensure real time visibility into testing process and actual application security incidents.
Aberdeen research predicts that secure at the source approach is maturing and is transitioning from early adoption to mainstream use. QMetry is perfectly positioned to help companies in adopting "secure at the source" approach. Read the full report here.


Voke Names QMetry As A 2010 Voke Market Mover


(Santa Clara/USA, 5 December 2010)

QMetry has been named as "Market Mover" in the "Market Mover Array™ Report: Testing Platforms 2010" by leading industry research firm voke, Inc.
QMetry is a premier test management solution that has seen a wide scale adoption by QA teams around the globe. Its focus on test management and simplicity has put it ahead of competition. QMetry has been conceptualized and developed by a team of highly experienced testers who understand the exact pain points of QA teams. Voke analyst Theresa Lanowitz says "the ease with which QMetry enables traceability is something testers have been in search of for quite some time".

One of the main concerns for QA teams while selecting a test management tool is how well the tool leverages their existing tool investments. QMetry´s deep integration with defect trackers and test automation tools differentiates it from the various solutions available in the market. The Market Mover Array™ says "the ability to integrate with commonly used solutions, especially Microsoft Office and market leader HP Quick Test Professional, make QMetry an attractive solution for organizations of all sizes and skill levels."
"Drawing on its professional services knowledge, QMetry has the potential to redefine test management for not only traditional IT, but the rapidly emerging mobile space that is in need of technology solutions", said Theresa Lanowitz.


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