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Conformiq Automated Test Design™ tools automate the design of functional tests for software and systems, helping software and system testing teams to spot more defects, shorten testing turnaround time, and tackle more of their testing challenges.
Testing experts using our software focus on modeling the expected behavior of the real system and let Conformiq tools generate automatically human readable test plans, test cases, and executable test scripts. Our tool is complementary to investments already made in test execution automation and leverages them by enabling efficient creation of high quality test cases.
With this groundbreaking approach, our customer benchmarks show 5X to 20X productivity improvement factor in test creation�while achieving the same or better test coverage as with manual test design.
Conformiq Tool Suite, formerly known as Conformiq Qtronic™, consists of Conformiq Modeler™ and Conformiq Designer™
Conformiq Designer is an Eclipse®-based tool to automate the design of functional tests (black box tests) for software and systems. The tool generates software tests from high-level system models without user intervention, complete with test plan documentation and executable test scripts in industry standard formats like Python, TCL, TTCN-3, C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, JUnit, Perl, Excel, HTML, Word, Shell Scripts and others...

The models describe the products being tested and can be created in a fraction of the time needed to construct the corresponding test cases by hand.

Conformiq Tool Suite delivers...

  • Faster Test Design
  • Higher Test Quality
  • Better Test Coverage
  • Easier Test Maintenance
  • More Test Re-use
...resulting in reduced number of customer-found product defects

EA Model for Conformiq

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Conformiq Flowdiagram
Test Design: Manual vs. Automated

Conformiq Tool Suite automates the design of functional tests from high level system models of the software and systems to be tested.

Test engineers focus on modeling the requirements and behavior of the system under test and rely on Conformiq to automatically generate the test plan and test scripts.

Automated test design delivers superior test quality, improved test process efficiency, and higher test design productivity.

Conformiq Tool Suite is the best answer for the problem of test design. Traditional, old-style test automation solutions can only automate test execution. Conformiq on the contrary automates also the selection of tests and test data and the computation of the expected results.
It is a complementary rather than a competing product to most of the existing test automation solutions.
The tool uses a model of the system under test as a source, generates comprehensive test sets using selectable test design heuristics and writes the test sets for example into a database. The test sets can be later executed independently of the tool.


  • Automatic generation of test inputs, including structural data with strings, numbers, and nested structures
  • Automatic generation of expected test outputs, including structural data with strings, numbers, and nested structures
  • Automatic generation of test timers
  • Automatic support for requirements-driven test generation
  • Automatic support for boundary value analysis, atomic condition coverage, and other black-box test design heuristics
  • Automatic generation of human-readable test plans
  • Automatic generation of executable test suites
  • Automatic dependency ordering between generated test cases
  • Automatic identification of test preambles, test bodies and test postambles
  • Automatic mathematical optimization of the generated test suites for efficiency and size
  • Automatic generation of traceability information, including a traceability matrix
  • Automatic generation of test case dependency information, including a test case dependency matrix
  • For an extended feature list, click here



  • Removes risk of incorrectly designed tests
  • Removes risk of accidentally missed test cases
  • Reduces the maintenance effort for testing assets
  • Reduces testing asset development costs
  • Increases the quality of tests
  • Increases test coverage measured at system under test
  • Enforces the quality of requirements documentation
  • Creates a common platform for designers and testers


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Conformiq Eclipse® User Interface

Conformiq Backend Selection
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Browse Generated Test Cases and Test Data
Conformiq Tracability
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Automated Test Design has brought the same paradigm shift in testing team thinking as when assembly code programmers were introduced to high level languages.
This change must be managed and that requires training, guidance, coaching and mentoring.

With our extensive knowledge and experience we impart knowledge and hands-on experience through few days to two weeks organized trainings.
We offer both generic and tailored training program to enable successful deployment.

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