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Conformiq: Automatic Software Testing

Instead of using test cases, Conformiq users have a model, which describes the System Under Test, or the product they want to test. From the model, Conformiq products use highly intelligent algorithms to automatically determine the necessary tests and test data, and automatically generate scripts for automated execution.
Conformiq products also automatically create test case documentation in any language, and upload it to your Application Lifecycle Management or Test Management system. On design changes, our products automatically update the scripts test cases identifying which are new, which are the same, and which are no longer valid. The tests generated are optimized for fast execution and create known coverage, improving the quality of your product.


Intelligent Conformiq Test Automation


Automatic Test Case Generation

Conformiq provides a next generation solution for automatic software testing. The low implementation and maintenance requirements of Conformiq products tackle the challenges of traditional test automation and enable your organization to test better, faster, sooner, and cheaper. Conformiq products fit the needs of Agile software development by adapting quickly to new product requirements and eliminating the time required for laborious test execution script maintenance during short sprints.


Key Capabilities of Conformiq Products

  • Create and update automatically scripts for automated test execution systems.
  • Create and update automatically test documentation for Application Lifecycle Management or Test Management systems.
  • Automatically optimize tests for faster test execution and improved coverage.
  • Flag changes in product requirements to make maintenance faster.
  • Automatically create and maintains test data.
  • Jump-start modeling by importing software design / software architecture documents like BPMN, flow charts and WSDL/XSD files.
  • Automate the execution of new and existing tests, and transform manual tests into automatically executable tests.
  • Extend industry-standard test automation tools, including existing and open source test execution tools,


Decrease Testing Effort in many industries - also for Embedded Software Development

Conformiq aids Communication Service Providers, Network Equipment Providers, Entrprise IT, as well as companies developing Embedded Software.
Expanding software functionality and an increasing number of sensors and other parts in systems drives increase the complexity of products with embedded software. Conformiq solutions decrease complexity with a modular approach by visualizing functionality in models, which improves communication. Subtle and often unexpected interactions are difficult for humans to design, so in Conformiq solutions, this is done automatically. Conformiq automatically improves test quality and coverage, while optimizing the number of test cases.


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