Code Coverage for C#


CTC++ for C# add-on

CTC++ for C# is an add-on for Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer. The add-on extends the Code Coverage capabilities of Testwell CTC++ from C and C++ to C#. The tool analyses for all coverage levels as required in "critical" software projects.
Code coverage for other languages is also available: C/C++, Java.

Core features

  • works with Microsoft Windows, different Linux distributions, HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBSD and Mac OS X
  • supports
  • no changes in your sourcecode needed
  • very low instrumentation overhead

Supported code coverage levels

  • Statement Coverage
  • Function Coverage
  • Decision / Branch Coverage
  • Condition Coverage
  • Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC)
  • Multi-Condition-Coverage (MCC)


flowgraph C#


Easy to use

CTC++ for C# add-on will not change anything in your sourcecode. You will only need 4 little steps to test the coverage of your projects:
1. write youre sourcecode
2. call csctc gmcs instead of your default compiler
3. run your application
4. use our tools like ctc2html, ctc2excel to create reports


CTC++ for C# is flexible

CTC++ for C# is very flexible. It runs on Windows and Linux systems and can easily be integrated to your projects.
If you use any automated build systems like Makefiles, Ant or if you just work with batch or shell scripts it is very easy to set them up for CTC++ for C# add-on.

  • supports makefiles
  • Easy to use with msbuild and xbuild
  • use shell scripts or batch files
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Express
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last updated: 16 March 2012

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