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15 June 2016
Testwell CMT++/CMTJava → News

New Company and Testwell Tool Flyer Available

(Offenburg/Germany, 22 July 2013)

A new Verifysoft company and product flyer is now available for download. The brochure provides information on Testwell CTC++, Testwell CMT++ and CMTJava, as well as for Verybench for CMT++. There is also some background information about our company.
Download:   English       German

Code Complexity Measurement for Java: Testwell CMTJava 3.0 Available

(Tampere/Finland, 26 September 2012)

Testwell CMTJava v3.0 is a major upgrade version. The tool can now properly handle all kind of Java SE 7 level input. Among others the following is now supported: enum declarations having executable code (reported like classes), underscores in numeric literals, binary literals, corrections in @annotations handling, ... The McCabe cyclomatic number v(G) is now configurable as basic, extended (previously always like this), basic_modified, and extended_modified. There are also enhancements in the cmtjava2html utility.

Code Complexity: Testwell CMT++ Version 5.0 Available

(Tampere/Finland, 27 June 2012)

Testwell CMT++ version 5.0 is a major upgrade version of Testwell´s Code Complexity Measurement Tool. It brings various enhancements, like proper handling of new C++11 standard language level, configurability to calculate McCabe cyclomatic number v(G), reporting the number of function parameters, added Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 IDE integrations, enhancements in the cmt2html utility, etc.

New Company and Product Flyer available

(Offenburg/Germany, 27 September 2010)

An updated Verifysoft company and product flyer is now available for download. The brochure provides information on our software testing and analysis tools, automatic test generator Conformiq Tool Suite, code coverage and metric analysis tools, unit test tools as well as some background information about our company.
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Graphical Frontend for Testwell CMT++: Verifysoft Announces Verybench

(Offenburg, 24 November 2008)

Verifysoft announces Verybench, a graphical frontend for the Code Complexity Measures Tool Testwell CMT++.
The CMT++ add-on provides distinct views of the complexities for developers, reviewers, tester, management, and controlling.
Verybench generates outputs in text, HTML, XML, CSV, and PDF.
The release is planned for February 2009.

Testwell CMT++ Code Complexity Measures Tool for C/C++: Version 4.2 available

(28 September 2007)

A new version (4.2) of Testwell CMT++ Code Complexity Measures Tool for C/C++ is available.
CMT++ 4.2 comes with new features, i.e.:
  • The format of the long report is changed to XML. The report form has been extended to contain "all" information that CMT++ in general analyses from the source files (system-level summary, alarms, etc.). This new XML form is now meant to be the primary means in CMT++ integrations to tool chains.
  • From a class/struct declaration inline methods are now reported. The declaration itself is no more reported as its own entity. It is considered to be like any other header code (like a function prototype), which is counted to file-level measures.
  • Better handling of conditional compilations when unbalanced {}s. No more "unexpected end of file" messages in normal use cases.
  • Many improvements in the HTML report (cmt2html utility)
  • CMT++ GUI improved (Windows)
  • Visual Studio 2005 IDE integration introduced (Windows)

New Version 2.1 of Code Complexity Measures Tool for Java CMTJava available

(11 October 2006)

The version 2.1 of CMTJava Code Complexity Measures Tool for Java is now available. CMTJava 2.1 comes with various smaller corrections and enhancements in the core tool and in the add-on utilities. The tool now also calculates the MaxND (maximum number of depth points) measure. Testwell added support to generate the HTML report in a form, which can be published e.g. at the company intranet. There is also now support for a wider set of browsers (Firefox etc.).
Our maintenance customers will receive the new version in the next days free of charge.
Further informationen : Testwell CMTJava

New Version of Testwell CMT++ (v. 4.1) available

(9 January 2006)

Please be informed that a new CMT++ version 4.1 has been released.
The upgrade is available on all supported platforms (Windows, Linux,Solaris and HPUX).
The new version contains e.g. the following:
  • introduction of MaxND measure (maximum nesting depth of {}s)
  • introduction of Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE integration
  • improvements in CMT++ GUI
  • improvements in cmt2html add-on utility/HTML reporting
  • correction to file-level Maintainability Index calculation
  • corrections in cmt2xml add-on utility
Our maintenance customers will receive the new version in the next days free of charge.

Testwell CMTJava: new version (v2.0) with Maintainability Index and HTML-Output available

(11 October 2005)

This upgrade from CMTJava v1.4 to v2.0 brings Maintainability Index calculation, support for XML form reporting, Java 5 support, improved HTML reporting, improved GUI (at Windows) and a number of other smaller enhancements.
Our maintenance customers will receive the new version in the next days free of charge.

New version (4.0) of Testwell CMT++ available : supports now also Maintainability Index (MI)

(2 February 2005)

Testwell has released a new v4.0 version of CMT++, complexity Measures Tool for C/C++.
Further to the existing metrics (Halstead, McCabe, and Lines-of-code), CMT++ now also calculates the Maintainability Index (MI).
MI is a single-number value for estimating the relative maintainability of the code.
The new version comes with several enhancements in the HTML form report: Various sorted views of the file-level measures are provided. In detailed view, clicking the function name allows you to view the function source code. The whole code base is at your fingertips.
Our maintenance customers will receive CMT++ 4.0 in the next days free of charge.
> further information about Testwell CMT++

Testwell CMTJava v. 1.4 available

(2 February 2004)

Testwell announced the release of a new version of CMTJava(version 1.4). The upgrade comes with a HTML reporting option(cmtjava2html add-on utility). Testwell CMTJava is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUX. On Windows platform its use is directly integrated to the CMTJava GUI.
For customers with support period in effect the upgrade is available without charge.

Testwell CMT++ with HTML output - New version of Testwell CTC++

(27 January 2004)

Testwell announced the release of upgrades for CMT++ (version 3.5) and CTC++ (version 5.2.1).
The essential enhancement in CMT++ is the introduction of HTML reporting. On Windows platform this capability is integrated to the CMT++ GUI. For seeing how the HTML report looks like, please click here.
Testwell CTC++ 5.2.1 is available on all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUX). It contains some smaller enhancements. Both tools can be downloaded by customers with support period in effect.

Testwell CMT++ v3.4 and Testwell CMTJava v1.3 GUI upgrades on Windows

(Tampere/Finland, April 2003)

The Windows variants of these tools have been rebuilt containing now a better GUI v2.1. The initial release of the GUI was v1.0 from September 2002. In October 2002 v2.0 of it was released.